Retiring a Horse

If you are interested in learning more about retiring a horse to Old Friends, please fill out THIS FORM to receive more information. We will contact you via email. But please be aware of our criteria:

  • We only retire Thoroughbreds.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot accept sport horses. While we would like to help with racehorses that have become hunter/jumpers or eventers, etc., and we have made some rare exceptions in the past, our demand from the race track and the breeding shed is now so huge that we simply cannot. For owners of OTTBs that can no longer show, please visit the website for the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance ( for a listing of more than 60 accredited farms that help OTTBs. Please also visit the websites for your discipline governing bodies (such as USEF or AQHA) as they often have links to retirement options.
  • Please keep in mind that Old Friends is a charitable organization and permanent, life-long retirement facility. If your horse has an option for a second career, please consider many of the organizations offering rehab and rehoming efforts. Again, visit the website for the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance.
  • Stallions in need, horses at great risk, and stallions being re-patriated from overseas receive preference.
  • A donation to help retire your horse is always welcome and appreciated. Once again, we are a charitable organization supporting nearly 200 horses.
  • In most instances, owners will be required to pay transport on any horse that is accepted.
  • No horse will even be considered until this application is submitted. This is an information form only--it does not imply acceptance or even a place on a waiting list. PLEASE DO NOT PRESUME YOU ARE ON A WAITING LIST OR HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED UNTIL FIRM CONFIRMATION IS SENT TO YOU.
  • This form is required for possible placement in all of Old Friends sanctioned facilities.

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