Featured Artist Leland Neff




Leland Neff

 Rachel Alexandra   26,5" x 23.5, 
oil on masonite board.

Often praised as “the finest equestrian artist practicing today,” Leland Neff brings an unusually fine precision of craftsmanship to the canvas and a luminance and vitality emerges into an animated painting with profound results. “Painting horses has always been a special joy to me,” said Leland

A prolific painter, Leland is known for his equestrian, animal and portrait paintings. Leland has commissions in the collections of equestrian world illuminaries such as Juddmonte Farms, multiple Eclipse Trainer of the Year, Todd Pletcher, Charlotte Weber of Live Oak Stud, Mimi and Thomas Voss, Theresa and Johnathan Behrendt with their NY Horse of the Year, Incurable Optimist, Grand Prix riders Todd Minikus and Kate Levy, Bonnie Stedt of Foxrace Farm and the Louries of Spy Coast Farm. Leland shows in galleries nationwide and has had a long successful career in editorial, advertising and fine art. 

About Leland Neff:    Leland Neff’s photos and drawings are in many books by publishers such as Doubleday, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich and Scholastic. He earned an AIGA Book Design award and illustrated a national best selling book. In the fashion world he has photographed and drawn the major European and American Collections; his work appears in leading magazines and newspapers such as GQ, Spanish GQ, L’Uomo Vogue, Vogue, Marie Claire, Miss Vogue, German Vogue, The Daily News, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Elle, Fortune Magazine. Leland’s art is used extensively in worldwide merchandising campaigns for Levi’s Dockers, Swatch Watch, Kenneth Cole, Revlon, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Clairol, and Sak’s 5th Avenue, Barney’s NY, Burberry’s, Paul Stuart’s, Broadway, with one of his ads voted Ad of the Year.

Leland’s fine art shows on three continents at Frost and Reed, Cross Gate Gallery and Pratt Institute, as well at his own gallery in Saratoga Springs, New York.  Leland lives on his 140 acre horse farm in upstate New York.  He is actively training three half Welsh/ thoroughbred ponies for sale.  The farm is to be opened up this season as an art gallery, The Leland Neff Fine Art Gallery and School.  His work can be ordered online as posters as well as prints on canvas. Three of Leland's paintings were just accepted as future Chronicle of the Horse covers the first scheduled to grace the cover this first week of May, 2013. 

In the upcoming triple crown events Leland is donating his Kentucky Derby painting to the New York Horse Rescue.  Leland recently completed his donation to Old Friends, a retirement home for thoroughbred.  His donation is a 27" x 27" painting of Rachel Alexandra for their June 5 fund raiser.   Learn more about Leland at www.lelandneff.com 


Featured Artist Dan Rhema

Dan Rhema, artist, writer and filmmaker, lives in Old Louisville, Kentucky. His paintings and sculptures have been shown nationally for the past fifteen years. Dan’s picture book, The Day The Animals Lost Their True Colors was an IPPY Awards Finalist. His other books include One Tiny Twig, Bluegrass Breeze and I Close My Eyes to See. Dan’s short films have been on the festival circuit and his documentary film, Old Friends Farm, will be released in late 2013. Dan’s art can be viewed at www.danrhema.com and on Facebook @ Dan Rhema Art.  

Michael Blowen said about Dan: "Aside from being a loyal supporter of Old Friends, Louisville-based artist Dan Rhema has become one of my dearest friends. He's producing a beautiful documentary on Old Friends for practically nothing and he's donated his book, "Bluegrass Breeze" along with several works of art to benefit the farm."

Featured Artist Fred Krakowiak

Fred with Bull inthe Heather (Bull's artwork)

The Frankel Award. 
  Bronze cast of Fred's sculpture Frankel

Wildlife artist, noted speaker, and award-winning author, Fred Krakowiak, realized his genuine love for the animal kingdom at the age of five after a first visit to the zoo with his grandfather. His respective books, Africa: An Artist’s Safari & The Artist’s Safari, exhibit his prowess as a photographer and artist while also being a guide in Africa. Both books creatively chronicle his travels in Africa. Krakowiak was inspired to capture African animals due to his awareness that one day his artwork and stories may be all that remain of these majestic creatures. His appreciation and respect for the mysterious beauty of these animals and the land inspired the motivation for creating his beautiful books. Described as a “feast for the eyes” by the Virginia Quarterly Review, Africa: An Artist’s Safari was the recipient of the prestigious 2008 Ben Franklin Award for large format cover design

Krakowiak’s speaking presentations provide the audience the passion and knowledge to be successful correlating his safari adventures to one’s daily life. Recognized as an expert on wilderness safari via foot in Africa, his presentation of unscripted adventures are as breathtaking as his experiences. He leads his audience on a virtual safari and has the ability to bring the magic of Africa to the room and equate his experiences with the skills needed in today’s business arena to inspire real leadership. Krakowiak believes that traveling in Africa is about total immersion in a place where one’s life is narrowed to what is immediately before your eyes.

His art work is all about spontaneity and movement, believing that no creature alive sits completely still to have their portrait painted. With over 25 years of conventional study in various mediums including copper, bronze, oil, sumi and dye on silk, Krakowiak’s foundation has been his formal training in the ancient art of Sumi (pictures in ink). The fundamentals of Sumi require the artist to learn from mistakes and often omit details. His paintings illustrate that what is missing is as important as what remains. This skill allows viewers to become involved in the painting by filling in the missing details with their imagination and experience the power of action at that exact moment.

Krakowiak demonstrates his art at zoos and museums across the country. He has exhibited his art and given presentations on his African travels at numerous zoos including the San Diego Zoo, Phoenix Zoo, Salt Lake City’s Hogle Zoo, Albuquerque BioPark Zoo, Sacramento Zoo, and Cincinnati Zoo while also appearing at Tucson’s International Wildlife Museum, Bowers Museum of Cultural Art, Safari West Africa, Golf Fore Africa, among others. His artwork is commissioned internationally by both private and corporate collectors.

For further information or to view Fred’s amazing art, visit his Web site at www.maverickbrushstrokes.com.

Old Friends founder, Michael Blowen says "Fred Krakowiak is a generous artist who adores Old Friends. His work vibrates with motion and excitement. His paintings of Precisionist and Lava Man, that hang in Rodney's restaurant in Georgetown, are a testament to their athleticism and Fred's talent."


Featured Artist Marti McGinnis

Marti with Iota McHippus

Whether you’ve been following the career of Marti McGinnis for awhile or have just bumped into her colorful art for the first time you’ll find she is an exuberant optimist with an addiction to the upbeat. This passionate creative is drawn to all thoughts that positively connect, where she filters what she observes and has learned through her unique explorations and with a vivid imagination converts her ideas into the visible through painting, drawing, writing and the other media she works (and plays!) with.

Marti makes happy colorful paintings, unusually fun drawings and other things to add smiles onto the globe. She continues to touch others and enjoys consistent success doing so! Her work has appeared in homes made slightly happier all over the globe. Right now she's turning a drawing sketch project into a book she's calling "400 Mornings". She's already begun Volume Two. She's also creating a new collection of original mixed media paintings featuring animals and their people which she'll be offering at art festivals and on her site this year.

She got her start as a professional artist right after she finished up a two year stint as a Peace Corps Volunteer as a health education cartoonist in the south pacific country, Fiji. Not too shabby a way to get ready to live the crazy life of an artist!

When she and her husband moved to Kentucky several years ago her lifelong dream of having a horse was finally realized in the form of an affable black and white paint she calls MuMu. She has a trio of crazy cattle dogs who inform her about all things canine, a small herd of barn cats and a miniature horse, Iota McHippus who says the things polite people can't.

Click here to take a peek at Marti's painting Famous Kentucky Stallions - 50% goes to Old Friends!

Click here to check out Marti's offer of Custom Painting - 50% goes to Old Friends!

Site: www.happyart.com 
HappyArt Facebook: www.facebook.com/HappyArtMarti
Mini Horse Facebook:   www.facebook.com/iotamchippus

Featured Artist Fred Stone

The best known painter of horses in the world today. 

More people own a Fred Stone print than that of any other horse artist in history, making him the most sought after equine artist in the world.  The LA Times and the Chicago Tribune have called Fred Stone the most famous painter of horses in the world. His work is in the homes of some of the world’s most notable people including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and is on display in the White House.  He has been featured on ESPN and ABC, NBC and CBS television.  His racing murals appear all over the world, including the world's largest equine mural at 120 feet long in the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. Fred also has large murals in downtown Moscow, Russia, the Czech Republic and Japan.

Through his artwork, he's raised over $2 million dollars for charities such as the Don McBeth Fund, The Shoemaker Foundation, therapeutic riding programs, canine search and rescue dogs, The Oklahoma Memorial, ASPCA, the families of New York City Firefighters who died on 9/11, and countless others.  Fred recognizes the great need for horse rescue and retirement.  Fred says, "We use them and we owe it to them.  If we don't help who will?"  

Born to Greatness - Zenyatta and her foal

Order Fred Stone's release Born to Greatness print of Zenyatta and her foal directly from Old Friends!   Fred is very kindly donating proceeds for each print we sell. $60.00 plus shipping. Call us at 502-863-1775 to order yours!   Also click here for this print in a giclee and other items Fred is helping us out with.  Thank you Fred Stone! (and Zenyatta and baby!)

”We ask of the thoroughbreds, and they give, they serve us with dignity and satisfy our needs to compete - we owe it to them to provide the retirement they so justly have earned.” - Fred Stone 



 Featured Artist Dagmar Galleithner


About the artist:

Dagmar Galleithner was born in Southern Bavaria, Germany. Her father's work as a flight test engineer brought the family to Southern California. The family later return to Europe, and Dagmar began studying at Ludwig Maximillians-Universitat in Munich after graduating. During this time, she continued to indulge her great love of horses by working as a groom and assistant with harness horses at the local race track. Inspired by the beauty, power and grace of these animals, Dagmar began taking commissions to paint the equine athletes for various trainers and owners, both in harness and thoroughbred racing in Munich. Inspired by legendary equine artists Richard Stone Reeves and Fred Stone, Dagmar works in various media, with her primary focus being pastels, watercolor and now also pencil. A kind and sensitive soul, Dagmar believes that all horses deserve a dignified and safe retirement after their years of service. Her work can be seen in private collections around the world and has been donated to support several Thoroughbred aftercare programs around the country, including SoCal TB Rescue, TCA and Old Friends. 2012 brought the happy news that Dagmar is engaged to professional jockey Joe Steiner.

She is currently working on portraits for the future book featuring our retirees, entitled  "In the Company of Old Friends". This one-of-a-kind coffee table book will include paintings as well as many stories by people involved in the lives of the Old Friends retirees. Visit her website at www.galleithner.com .  Contact Dagmar via email at dagmar@galleithner.com if you have a story to share or know someone who does!

Michael Blowen says of Dagi, "There are no words to adequately convey the depth of Dagmar's talent and her deep understanding of these amazing athletes. If a picture is worth a thousand wodrs, than her paintings of our Old Friends are worth a million."

Frankel - A Fine English Gentleman


About the print:

A very special piece of artwork that supports the retired thoroughbreds at Old Friends.
Our great friend and internationally recognized artist Dagmar Galleithner has generously agreed to donate a portion of the proceeds from sales of her limited edition prints taken from her original work of undefeated Champion Frankel who continues to thrill hearts all of over the world with his amazing performances. Dagmar was one of the fortunate ones to see Frankel race live in the Dewhurst Stakes in 2010.
Entitled "Frankel - A Fine Englishman", each of the 350 limited edition prints are signed and numbered, having been produced in Cologne, Germany by LUP AG Lithographie & Printproduktion using handmade paper (William Turner 190g, non-aging). The unframed prints measure 19.7 X 23.6. Each stunning print will be shipped with a certificate of authenticity directly from the artist in Germany.
Undefeated European superstar Frankel is represented in this handsome print both in stunning profile and racing into history, carrying the silks of Prince Khalid Abdullah. Foaled in 2008, by Galileo out of the Danehill mare, Kind, the colt was named in honor of renowned Hall of Fame trainer, the late Bobby Frankel. Mr. Frankel was a generous benefactor to Old Friends, and our New York location at Cabin Creek is named the Bobby Frankel Division in his honor.
Dagmar is donating a portion of the proceeds to benefit the needs of our retired racehorses . Each print is $195 each plus $15 shipping and handling.  Old Friends has already received several payments!   If the whole series sells out, Dagmar has also pledged to sponsor a paddock at Old Friends for $5,000. 
To purchase your print today, you may Pay Pal Dagmar at [email protected]  Please contact the artist at the email listed above if you have any questions.  You may also contact Old Friends at 502-863-1775 to order.