Sea Native 1999-2016

Saturday, June 25, 2016

SEA NATIVE 1999-2016

Line In The Sand - Miss Big Pie, by Big Bluffer | 1999 Gelding - (View Pedigree)

Sea Native 1999-2016


Sea Native (Line in the Sand – Miss Big Pie, Big Bluffer) was euthanized due to distress from several maladies, including cancer, on Saturday June 25, 2016. He was 17.

Bred in Florida, he raced in allowance competition before retiring after 23 starts and just over $65,000 in earnings. He was honest and tried his best each time, but despite names like Bold Ruler and Northern Dancer in his pedigree, he wasn't destined for greatness on the track.Throughout his racing career Sea Native had 23 starts with 2 wins and earnings of over 64,000.

Finished with racing, he became a pleasure horse/hunter/jumper for his previous owner, Angela Black of Georgia, until injury prevented him for being ridden. “Rhett”, as she called him, was pensioned at Old Friends in 2009.

Each day, Rhett repaid his new caretakers with kindness. He stood patiently as the farrier worked on his feet, although some days they were uncomfortable, a reminder of his old days on the track. He was always glad to hear his name called and would approach the fence to accept a lifetime worth of carrots, glad for the attention from tour groups. He was a truly great ambassador. Never cross. Always kind and gentle as hands reached out to pet his nose or forehead.

A few years back Rhett went over to the Secretariat festival to compete in a look-alike contest. The winner was to appear in the film version of the legendary horse’s life. Rhett walked happily around the ring, as game as ever. He finished second that day, but a photo taken at the time shows a happy and relaxed horse just glad to be there.

Angela said she was afraid when he retired to Old Friends Rhett would forget her. Anyone who knows the spirit of the Thoroughbred understands that champions aren't always made by the number of trophies on a shelf. And that the size of a great horse's heart isn't always measured by the number of victories in a win column. As Rhett's life drew to a close last week, the friend he never forgot came to say goodbye. And to the last, he remained kind and gentle, grateful and honest, with the heart of a true champion.

The beautiful and sweet tempered Sea Native, known to his friends as Rhett, raced 23 times and was a winner, though not at stakes level. During preparation for the filming of the Secretariat movie, he was a runner-up in the Secretariat look-alike contest. Rhett was one of the few competitors who didn't need paint to imitate the great one's markings.  Rhett has them naturally.

Some Stats:
Bred in FL by Edee Rose. Foaled April 2, 1999
23 Starts, 2 Wins, 3 Places, 5 Shows. Career Earnings: $64,760
Racing Owner: James R. Lewis, Jr.
Trainer: Emanuel Tortora
Jockeys: C. Hunt, J. Chavez, J. A. Beasley, others

Raced in allowance sprints at Hialeah, Calder and Gulfstream Park 2001-2003
Joined Old Friends May 2009