You Can Help Old Friends This Holiday Season

Thursday, December 6, 2018

This Holiday Season, There Are Many Ways to Help Old Friends!

You can personalize your donation by using our GivingGrid  and join our "Toss Some Hay Our Way" drive.  Just click a square to easily upload photos of your favorite fur babies (big or small), good friends, or loved ones.
Donations $25 and over even receive a free gift.  CLICK HERE to check out our GivingGrid. 


No-fee Facebook!  If you're on Facebook, you can CLICK HERE to donate to the Old Friends Hay-Raiser!
You can also create your own fundraiser for Old Friends on Facebook that you share with your online network of friends and family! CLICK HERE  for more information on setting up your own Facebook fundraiser.

  Use our Network For Good page to set up a monthly donation!  CLICK HERE for more info.   A lot of folks tell us that they can't donate much as if they were apologizing.  Every donation helps!  We believe that 'you may think it's a drop in the bucket, but a bucket can be filled with a lot of drops!'. 


 Give a gift of Old Friends!  Check out our How To Help page.  It's chock full o' links to our like our wish list, eBay Store, shopping info and our giving programs like Shares For Life, Old girlFriends Society, Clubhouse Memberships, Feed For a Day Calendar.  A share in your favorite horse makes a great gift!  CLICK HERE to see How To Help.


 We have an Amazon Wish List! CLICK HERE to see stuff we need.   

As always, we thank you for your love and support!


Learn about this fundraising project for Run In Sheds - Click here