Horse Races Now campaigns to help Old Friends and PDJF

Friday, July 10, 2015

Horse Races Now, a mobile app company founded by renowned horse trainer Kenny McPeek, is on a mission to give back to the horse racing industry by raising $50,000  with all 100% to be fully donated between the Permanently Disabled Jockey’s Fund and Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement. Horse Races Now is aiming to have the full donation amount raised before the upcoming 2015 Breeders' Cup Championships in October.

“We developed the app because we want to show the sport to as many young fans as possible to encourage the growth of this sport,” says McPeek. “By offering a younger demographic a new sport they can follow with a minimum investment of time the industry will gain millions of new fans. My personal investment in this project is my way to ‘give back’ to a sport I love and support. Along with that, it’s always been the mission of Horse Races Now to also give back to horse racing, and the ‘Give Back to Racing’ campaign is our way of starting to do just that.”

“Horse Races Now is fortunate to have been downloaded by over 300,000 users in 186 countries. We know our fans are passionate about the sport so we wanted to give them a way to give back. We’ve partnered with two great charities and are asking our fans to help support the cause,” said Chris Carper, President of Horse Races Now. The company is utilizing GoFundMe so that fans have an easy way to help the cause and donate from anywhere.

“We’re so honored to be a part of this, and to share it with the PDJF,” said Old Friends founder and president, Michael Blowen. ”It’s a great and generous way to unite horse racing fans and do something positive for the sport. Our thanks to Kenny McPeek and everyone at Horse Races Now.”

“Horse racing is a great and exciting sport and the only reason it trails behind football, basketball, soccer and other sports in fan interest is because we have not done a good job telling our story to fans,” concludes McPeek. “My hope is that Horse Races Now’s promotion of the ‘Give Back to Racing’ campaign will help bring more attention the racing industry and the wonderful organizations that take such great care of the sport’s athletes.”

The Horse Races Now App (available on iOS, Android, and Xbox 360 devices) offers a full complement of live racing feeds, race replays, integration with favorites from your iPhone or Android device, and other popular features such as:

 - Overnight entries for upcoming races
 - Streaming live video and audio from participating North American racetracks
 - Results and payoffs delivered quickly
 - Immediate Race Replays, going back two years in time
 - Ability to follow your favorite racetracks, horses, trainers and jockeys
 - Search engine to find race replays from 45 participating North American tracks

The smartphone versions of Horse Races NOW can be downloaded free at either iTunes  or Google Play  for Android users. Check out a demo of the app at:

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