GoodGiving Challenge for Monday - Raising Cane's Giving Day!

Saturday, December 6, 2014
GoodGiving Guide Challenge continues with today's Challenge....  It is Raising Cane’s Giving Day!   Mon, Dec 8 at Lexington, Nicholasville and Richmond Locations [UK Campus, Hamburg, Nicholasville Rd, Keene Centre (Nicholasville), Barnes Mill Rd (Richmond)] 20% of sales at Raising Cane’s on Mon, Dec 8 will be donated to the GoodGiving Guide Challenge. Please stop by for lunch or dinner! AND Two nonprofits will win a $1,500 prize: one for the most money raised and one for the most donors (new or repeat). To qualify we must raise at least $1,500 between 9:00am –11:59pm   Donate for this challenge ONLY at this link. Thank you for supporting Old Friends!    #GoodGivingChallenge #OldFriends

Old Friends News

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